Former Co-Owner of Scrollmate

In February 2021 I started working at start-up company Scrollmate. Scrollmate is a company that is focused on designing and developing high quality websites and webshops for a fair price. Since I had developed basic programming knowledge during my study, I wanted to expand this knowledge by learning how to work with WordPress. I first started as a Web Developer, but after a year Scrollmate had grown into a bigger company and my role changed to Project Manager. After a successful and a very informative period, in July 2022 the two other co-owners and I decided that we would like to go on a new adventure, after which we sold the company. I have been a proud Co-Owner of Scrollmate, and I am looking forward to the future of this company.

Visit the current website to get more information about Scrollmate.

Our Former Team

Before Scrollmate was sold, it consisted of five people, who were all working very hard to make the company grow. Everyone had their own interests and skills, which made the perfect combination for a good working team.

Moos Nijssen

Project Manager

Stefan van Gijsel

General Manager

Tom Vorselen

Commercial Director

Gijs Weevers

Web Developer

Max Moonen

Web Developer