An obstacle detecting backpack for blind and visually impaired people


Second Prize of the KNAW Onderwijsprijs 2019

The VideoFlucto is an assisting tool that helps blind and visually impaired people with navigating independently. The tool is inspired by the way bats and dolphins navigate, and it consists of a system in a backpack that works with ultrasonic sensors and vibration motors. In this way, it tries to create an image for the user what the area in front of them looks like.

With this project together with Fettah El Bardai we won the second prize in the Nature and Technology category of the KNAW Onderwijsprijs 2019.

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The system uses ultrasonic sensors to calculate the distance to the obstacles in front of the user.

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The distance that is measured by the ultrasonic sensors is then turned into different signals from the vibration motors, to indicate the distance between the user and the obstacle.

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The backpack has been made in such a way that it is easy transportable, and that the vibration motors create a clear image to the user.