The Leerbeer

Improving the integration process of immigrant children in primary education.

The Leerbeer

Playful Learning in Primary Education.

Imagine yourself moving from another country as a child. Not knowing the language, culture or understanding the education. Therefore, we designed the Leerbeer! A digital buddy that focuses on helping immigrant children with lowering the language barrier, emotionally expressing themselves and stimulating social inclusion.

To reach these goals, the design consists of a tablet in combination with physical buttons. Each button is made for a different problem, and when a button is pressed, the buddy pops up to assist the student.

The system can be used in the classroom throughout the day. The tablet will be provided with an app which will make it easy to overlay over the current digital system that the school is already using. The app will run on the background.

To also get the teacher involved in the interaction with the Leerbeer, there is the opportunity to see what buttons the children have pressed and how they interacted with the buddy.

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The Leerbeer

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The Leerbeer helps children to emotionally express themselves.

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The Leerbeer tries to lower the language barrier.

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The Leerbeer stimulates children to have more social interaction with other children.

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