The Smart Glove

Creating digital 3D foot models.

The Smart Glove

Part of the Smart Scan Project

The Smart Glove; the goal of this project is to redesign the prototype of the Smart Glove, which is part of the Smart Scan project, by integrating all the wishes and demands of the user into a renewed prototype. To achieve this goal, the following research question was set up: “How can we redesign the current Smart Glove to the needs of the user, with the goal to make the interaction between the user and the glove more comfortable and efficient?”

To answer this question a lot of research was done into the earlier Smart Scan projects, but also into the user of the product, and other similar products that are already on the market, in order to get a good understanding of the project. After all this research, multiple usability tests in Germany and the Netherlands have been done, where the older prototype was tested on podiatrists. The information that was gathered consisted of questionnaires, observations and recordings, and everything was then deeply analyzed. After analyzing all the information, a selection of improvement points was done that was then implemented into the new design.

The prototype was redesigned on especially three main points:

– Material of the glove (looking at sizing and hygiene).
– Giving live feedback to the user.
– The portability of the glove.

Besides this, an advice report for upcoming groups has also been created.

With this report it is hoped to have made the interaction between the user and the glove more comfortable and efficient, but also it is hoped to have made the wishes and demands from the user clearer, so that these can be used by upcoming groups that will work on the Smart Glove.

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The Smart Glove

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The new Smart Glove is made of Nylon Spandex, because it is strong, easy to clean (in various ways) and has a high elasticity. This last aspect is very important concerning the size of the glove.

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The armband guides the cable along the arm to prevent it from getting in the way of the user. The armband is made from elastic material and can be size adjusted using a belt buckle. The cable will be attached to the bandage by putting it under a small piece of fabric, which can then be closed using a press stud.

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As was found from the usability tests, an option to work with live feedback was demanded by the user. The final solution for the live feedback option is to give the live feedback on a computer screen.