A digital artwork created by programming


A constantly changing artwork through codes

I tried to create an artwork which describes what freedom is like for me. I chose the 4 most important things that describe freedom for me:
– Mountains
– A sky filled with stars
– The sea
– Birds

I started snowboarding around 11 years ago, and every year I went on snowboard trips with my family. Three years ago, I worked in Austria as a snowboard teacher for 3 months, and this was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. When I’m in the mountains, I just forget all the things I worry about and my head just gets ‘clean’. The only things I think about when I’m in the mountains, are the quietness, the beauty of nature, and being free and doing what I want to do.

A sky filled with stars:
Every time I went on a holiday trip with my family, it was a tradition to go laying under the sky watching the stars for at least one night, and this always makes me very calm. Life gets so easy, just laying under the stars and looking at the beauty of them, which makes me also feel very free.

The sea:
When I’m in the sea, most of the time I’m surfing. When surfing, it gives me the same chills as being in the mountains. You just forget everything and only focus on getting some good waves. But especially, the best moments when you are waiting for a good wave, laying on the surfboard, and listening to the sounds of the sea, are the best. These give me so much calmness, and it always makes me feel very free because if I want to, I can just swim away and go where I want to go.

I got a parakeet when I was 6 years old, and she died when I was 15 years. She was my best friend, although my mother didn’t really like her because she always had to clean the mess up. I don’t know why, but somehow since when I was very young I just got really impressed by birds, and they give me some kind of a magical feeling. When I wake up and I hear the birds outside, it immediately makes my day a good day. If I get stressed about something, I always play the sounds of tropical birds, and this makes me feel very free and calm

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