A multifunctional interactive DJ program to play music or reduce stress

Anti Stress DJ

A multifunctional DJ program

I created a DJ program which is controllable with a fidget cube. You should see the project as two separate things: a DJ controller when it’s turned on, and a fidget cube when it’s turned off.

Fidget cube
I chose to create a fidget cube when it’s turned off, because of the following reason: when I’m working on my own, I can never sit down quietly without moving or doing anything. I always have to move something, like shaking my leg, or making a beat by knocking my hand on the table, because this helps me getting calm and helps against stress. This is the reason why I designed a fidget cube, because while you are working you can then always click on the buttons or twist a button or switch it on or off, to relieve the stress that’s inside of you.

DJ controller
Another part of the challenge is the DJ controller, because music is very important for me. No matter what I’m doing, if I have the possibility of listening to music, I’m always listening to music. That’s also the reason why I enjoy making my own beats, and mixing music with DJ programs. It also helps me to relax, because when I’m listening to music or creating my own music, it’s the only thing I think about, and I forget about all the other things in life. This is the reason why I created an easy to use DJ controller and program, because I looked at what the easiest way is of creating your own music without having thousands of buttons.
As you can see in the program, the program uses background music and instruments you can combine to create your own music. The background music is mainly very calm and chill music, focused on relieving stress.

So these two characteristics combined makes a project that is mainly focused on relieving stress, but also to have fun while creating your own music. Whenever you feel stressed or feel like you need to take a break, you can simply get the DJ fidget cube and either use the fidget cube or create your own music.

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