Short Term.

During my Bachelor’s degree I have learned a lot about myself as a designer. However, I learned that I do not want to do my Master’s degree in Industrial Design. I want to go for a more technical Master’s degree. I do not know yet which Master’s degree exactly, but I am currently doing more research into Human-Technology Interaction and Innovation Sciences, but also Data Science & Artificial Intelligence sounds very interesting. The conclusion is that I want to go into a more technical direction, for which I will have to work very hard to realise this Master’s degree. In this way, as described in my vision, I want to form the bridge between technology and society.
To make the choice in which Master’s degree I want to do, I want to work at a Tech company for a while to get experience in the working environment, right after finishing this Bachelor’s degree. By doing so, I will hopefully learn through the working field what I am most interested in, and thus also which Master’s degree will fit my interests the best.

Long Term.

After this Master’s degree, I would like to work in a multidisciplinary company in the Tech sector, which fits my PI&V.
Getting more experienced in the working field, I also envision setting up my own company. I have already had my own web design company, and I really enjoy the entrepreneurial aspects of setting up my own company.